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Your trusted supplier of wholesale green coffee beans

At Walker Coffee Trading, we are a small, family-owned coffee company that puts consistency, transparency, and honest relationships first and foremost. As direct importers, we connect you to the highest-quality wholesale green coffee beans from the best regions in the world.

Our shareholders come from families involved in the coffee business for over three generations. Together we are made up of coffee farmers, wet and dry millers, exporters, and importers. These are all blended together to bring you your very best cup of coffee.

You can think of us as your wholesale green coffee beans insurance policy. We protect your company from customs headaches and unkown sellers, streamlining the logistics of the importation process from start to finish.

We put our heart into every bean and bag we procure for you. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality wholesale green coffee beans and unparalleled customer service – and to building and maintaining meaningful relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We firmly believe there is no “best coffee in the world.” The best aroma, flavor, and roast of a coffee is subjective and incredibly personal. But there IS a best coffee for YOU. And as your wholesale coffee suppliers, we’re here to guide you to it.

From our family to yours

Coffee isn’t our job, it’s our life. We’ve been in the coffee industry for over 30 years, starting Walker Coffee in 2006 as a husband and wife team. But our love for coffee started way before then.

Growing up in Colombia, the heart of the Latin American coffee industry, coffee was part of Monica’s tradition from a very young age. Every morning, she drank a cup of coffee before heading off to kindergarten.

Carl Walker was raised in Kenya under the careful tutelage of his father, David Walker – a respected name in the tea and coffee trading business. He grew up understanding the importance of fostering deep and meaningful relationships with the farmers that make our favorite morning cup possible.

It’s safe to say coffee runs in our blood. This passion for coffee is a lifetime in the making, and we are honored to share that passion with you through our premium-quality wholesale green coffee beans.

Your eyes on the ground

Even with all the modern technology at our disposal, we believe nothing can truly replace face-to-face interactions. We travel to see our farmer suppliers and roasters in person, whenever possible.

We are extremely selective with the farms, co-ops, and local independent suppliers we choose to work with, and don’t accept every invite we receive. Instead, we do our due diligence to ensure we are partnering with suppliers that have ethical business practices, on-time deliveries, and consistent harvest quality.

Many times, the farms we source from are small family operations that we’ve worked closely with for multiple generations. But no matter the relationship, we never compromise on quality.

In fact, we are involved at nearly every step of the bean process. Each season, we evaluate each lot of coffee we’ve purchased, from the initial offering sample to the final product delivery. We do this to ensure that our wholesale green coffee beans for sale exemplify the quality we have become known for.

We also invest time in order to visit the farms your coffee beans come from. This helps us understand their harvest techniques, experience the unique qualities of the crop, and build deeper bonds with our coffee community. To respect the farmers who worked tirelessly to produce these select coffees, we always pay fair market prices for our products.

Consistent, quality wholesale coffee beans

When you buy raw green coffee beans wholesale from Walker Coffee, you know you’re getting quality. We put hard work into delivering consistency – not just in the quality of our single origin offerings, but our communication, services, and values.

When it comes to marketing our wholesale green coffee beans, we believe our product speaks for itself. We only select the best specialty coffees for our customers, and all our green coffee beans for sale have a Q score of 80 and above.

Our well-equipped cupping room and Q Grader trained staff help us expertly assess the complex flavors and unique qualities your customers will look forward to in your roast. Qualities your loyal following can experience time and time again.

It’s the exceptional aroma. It’s the singular flavor. This is the gift of the Earth you give them.

Single origin coffee from around the globe

Curated just for you

We travel around the world to procure the very best single origin coffee beans at the source. We’re always on the lookout for unique qualities and third-party certified coffees to give you the quality and authenticity you’re looking for.

Every blending, roasting, and flavoring process requires beans from a specific origin. As your direct importers, it’s our pleasure to provide you with wholesale green coffee beans that are the perfect compliment to your craft.

Tell us what’s important to you. What roast do you hope to achieve? What flavor do you want to produce? Do you want certified coffees, such as Organic, Fairtrade, or Rainforest Alliance?

Once we understand what the perfect cup of coffee is to you, we’ll recommend the exact single origin coffee bean for your needs. We’ll work closely with you to create aromatic, character-filled blends that strike a chord with your customer.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Use our blending and roasting support

Finding the right bean is the first step to crafting the perfect cup of coffee. But we all know the work doesn’t stop there – so neither does ours! Our blending support at Walker Coffee is an extension of your roasting process.

Want to enhance your product?

Send us a sample of your roasted coffee. We’ll listen carefully to your process, your ethos, and your goals to supply a solution for any problems you may be facing.

We’re here for you, AND we’re here for your customer. We’ll help you perfect your roast, so our shared passion for specialty coffee can spread smiles world-wide through your craft.

Blending Support

How to order your wholesale green coffee beans

When you’re ready to buy green coffee wholesale, you can contact our team and we’ll help you set up an account with us. You can message us online or give us a call at 1-877-302-6333. When we say call anytime, we mean it!

Need help selecting the right, unroasted coffee beans to purchase wholesale? Begin by reviewing our green coffee offering list on our coffee importers menu. This displays all our current wholesale green coffee bean varieties at our three warehouses in New Jersey, California, and Texas.

We’ll even give you complimentary samples to help you decide which wholesale green coffee beans to purchase. Just let us know what beans you’d like to try and we’ll send them straight to you – free of charge.

Offering Lists

Why Walker Coffee?
Ethical. Honest. True to our roots.

Our business is all about establishing relationships. We actively trade on behalf of more than 400 companies. And some of those relationships are 25 years in the making. When you shop for wholesale green coffee beans with us, you’re family.

Our mission statement? To be a truly sustainable company, by establishing long term relationships, valuing individuality, instilling mutual respect, and promoting constant communication and empathy.

At Walker Coffee, we:

  • Promise transparency and integrity in all that we do
  • Handle the whole importing process from start to finish
  • Promptly respond to all questions and calls
  • Have the paperwork for organic coffees – and will send you the certificates right away
  • Promise consistency in all our wholesale green coffee beans
  • Provide not just the highest quality single origin coffee – but the best bean for YOU
  • Help you grow your business with blending support and expert advice
  • Work closely with you to create the final cup you’ve been looking for
  • Offer complimentary samples with free shipping – to invest in you before you invest in us
  • Give you the same exceptional service no matter how much you purchase
  • Treat you as part of the family – with true Colombian warmth

About Us

We relish this chance to grow with you

Whether you are buying one bag or one hundred with us – we treat you with the same care and respect. In fact, we love helping entrepreneurial coffee roasters grow from their first bag up.

We know how hard it is to create a business. We started Walker Coffee from our own funds and love for coffee – and we have worked hard to become a permanent fixture in the industry. But that road wasn’t easy.

We want to make it easier for YOU.

When you’re pouring all your money into making your business work, every little decision matters to you. And it matters to us too. We love helping roasting businesses thrive at their passion.

There is nothing more rewarding to us than seeing our customers go from counting change for their first bag of wholesale green coffee beans to regularly buying 10 bags or more! We want to be part of the process that makes you successful – to help you find your stamp on the industry – because we’ve been in your shoes. We empathize with you.

We want to fuel your passion for coffee every step of the way to success.

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