How to Buy Green Coffee Beans from Walker Coffee

At Walker Coffee, we give you a direct connection to specialty coffee beans from renowned regions around the globe. When you buy green coffee beans with us, you’re buying quality.

We’ve done all the groundwork for you so you don’t have to worry about where to buy green coffee beans. We carefully select the most high-quality and consistent single origin coffees from small family farms we’ve created a close relationship with over the years.

We don’t take that consistency for granted either. We evaluate and cup every single variety and harvest we offer so we can continue to guarantee our coffee offerings.

We place relationships and customer care above all else. When we say you can call us any time, we really mean it! We’ll be here for you every step of the way – from the second you buy green coffee beans to the moment you brew the perfect cup of coffee with them.

Our traders closely monitor the state of the coffee market to make the best recommendations for you based on where the market is heading in terms of price and supply. We’re not just here to help you buy green coffee beans. We’re here to help you succeed.

The team at Walker Coffee looks forward to becoming your trusted partner in sourcing green coffee beans.

1. Set up an account with us

If you’re a new customer, contact us and we’d be happy to help you get set up for your Walker Coffee account.

To get started, please print out and complete our New Customer Credit Application.

Do I have to fill out a credit application?

If you want to establish payment terms, then a credit application must be filled out and signed.

If you don’t wish to establish credit terms with us (please see below about cash in advance of release), simply fill out the first page with your personal details so we can expedite your order. We will only apply you for credit if you fill out the entire application.

You can return your application to us via email to or fax to 713-780-7051.

What information do I need to provide to order coffee?

We require your mailing and delivery address, contact names for ordering, accounts payable information, email address, and phone/fax numbers.

2. Check our current green bean coffee offerings

We are intentional about sourcing green coffee beans from the best regions and farms, carrying a full range of options for our customers. They are stored in our three warehouses, located in New Jersey, California, and Texas. You can see all our current green coffee offerings on our coffee importers menu.

**Please note that we make every effort to keep the deadlines and shipping timelines of our green coffee offerings as accurate as possible. However, delays caused by shipping, supply, and more may occur. We will always be in communication about your green coffee order to ensure that you stay informed about an potential changes.

3. Request free samples from our team

Don’t just take our word for the quality of our coffee – try it for yourself! We offer complimentary samples so you can get a feel for how our single origin coffee beans will work with your roasting process.

Choosing the right bean is an incredibly personal process, but we’re happy to help you through it! If you tell us more about your roasting and blending process, we’ll provide recommendations on the best green beans to suit your needs.

Once you decide what types of green coffee beans you would like samples of, we’ll ship them straight to you – free of charge.

4. Place your order to buy green coffee beans

When you’re ready to make your decision, give us a call at 1-877-302-6333 or buy green coffee beans from us online. We work with all sizes of roasters and sell in quantities ranging from single bags to large, bulk orders.

What are the methods of payment?

When you decide to buy green coffee beans from us for the first time, we have two payment options: paying cash in advance or establishing your credit with our company.

If you choose to pay cash in advance of release, we accept ACH transfers, wire transfers, and money orders. If you would like to establish credit with us, we require the first three transactions to be paid on a cash basis and a completed credit application.

Once you have completed your three net cash basis orders with us, we can discuss payment via credit card with terms of net 15 days for subsequent orders.

Do I get a discount if I order more volume?

Yes, we offer a number of price points on our wholesale green coffee beans. Our pricing may also vary based on contract execution and payment performance.

What is the deadline for next-day shipment?

To ensure next-day shipment, orders must be placed 30 minutes prior to the warehouse deadline (times depend on where you buy green coffee beans from, all in CST):

  • The Annex in California – 1pm (CST)
  • Continental Terminals in New Jersey – 1pm (CST)
  • Dupuy Storage in Texas – 3pm (CST)

What is the minimum amount of green coffee that I can purchase?

Our minimum order is one full bag of bulk green coffee beans, which can weigh anywhere from 50kg to 70kg depending on the country of origin.

We value all of our customers equally, regardless of the volume of their purchase. We love helping smaller roasters grow their business, and you’ll receive the same excellent customer service whether you buy one bag or ten container loads.

Just contact our team to get started!

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