Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single origin coffee beans tell the story of their roots. Through our dedication to our roaster clients and supplier partners, we offer you a dependable, competitive way to source high-quality coffee beans from the top coffee producing countries.

Singularity is the key to standing out. Most of our single origin green coffee beans are traceable to the farm and co-op level. This guarantees your ability to make informed buying decisions with confidence.

Our goal is to offer you beans that brew crisp and clean. This results in coffee that wins over the hearts of your local customers with memorable flavors and consistent quality.

How we source our single origin coffee beans

We know that, when we work together with – and on behalf of – our roasters, we all win. As direct importers and wholesale coffee suppliers, we connect you to the highest-quality green coffee beans from regions that are known for producing consistent, drinkable cups of coffee.

Our specialty beans are picked by hand on small family farms. Many of which we have formed  close relationships with over decades of doing business together. Before offering single origin coffee for sale, we begin by doing due diligence. We spend time in the country, talking directly to the hard-working individuals who grow, pick, and process your green coffee beans.

We never work with someone unless we know their history and have seen them in action. That way, we can ensure consistent harvest quality, on-time deliveries, and ethical business practices that extend into your local roastery or coffee shop.

We provide quality you can trust

At Walker Coffee, you can be confident you are buying single origin coffee beans with cup scores of 80 and above.

But a high-quality cup of coffee starts even before the green beans.

We communicate with our producers and suppliers during the coffee harvest season to ensure quality from the coffee cherries to the green beans. Before we ever offer single origin coffee for sale to roasters, we ensure that it has met the high standards of both the farmers and our team. We then test the individual production lots in our lab to ensure they exemplify the quality we have come to be known for.

There is no such thing as the “best coffee in the world.” Tasting coffee is a subjective and personal experience. And we are here to help you find the very best single origin coffee beans for your roasting process. Small, local roasters and coffee shops can produce cups of coffee that compete with even the most prestigious names in the industry. We believe it all comes back to buying quality, single origin, green coffee beans.

Our single origin coffee beans

Latin America

There’s nothing quite like the zest of a cup of coffee from Latin America. With a large range of diverse growing regions, there is something to savor for every roaster.


The largest archipelago in the world is home to some of the boldest coffee flavors. With low acidity and a velvety mouthfeel, there’s something special only these islands can provide.


The original source of coffee, African single origin coffee beans provide more variety of flavor and intensity than any other place on the planet.

Decaffeinated single origin coffee beans

We offer decaffeinated coffee beans using three processes: MC (Methylene Chloride) Process, Mountain Water Process, and Swiss Water Process. If you’re looking for decaffeinated green coffee beans, contact us. We’ll help you discover which process is best for your needs.

Our certifications

We believe in improving not just the quality of coffee, but quality of life. We regularly offer single origin coffee beans that have been cultivated with social, economic, or environmental goals in mind. This is to improve the lives of farmers, their families, and the community at large.

Quality is the ultimate guarantee of sustainability. We’re as vigilant at the cupping table with our certified offerings as we are with our conventional ones. Upon request, we proudly offer the finest-quality green coffee beans with the following sustainable certifications:

Our values

At Walker Coffee, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned business that caters to other small, family-owned businesses. And, when importing single origin coffee beans, we prioritize three things: the traceability of our single origin coffee for sale, the integrity of the farmers we work with, and the input of the roasters for whom we are supplying beans.

Though we work with all the virtual technology of a modern international business, we take time to remember your name and understand your process. Our team will always be here to answer your calls and help you buy single origin coffee that’s right for you. We don’t think anything can replace authentic face-to-face connections and will set up in-person meetings with our roaster clients or farmers whenever possible.

We’ll support you in your journey

We invest in you before we ever ask you to invest in us. Each roasting and blending process requires beans from a specific origin to achieve the perfectly balanced cup. So, if you aren’t sure which single origin coffee for sale is right for you, we’ll give you our recommendations and send you complimentary samples.

We also offering blending support. Send us your existing roasts so we can help you achieve the final cup you’re looking for. This is your money and your livelihood, and we want the beans you choose to be the perfect compliment to your roasting process.

Our ordering process

Buy green coffee beans from us to begin roasting your next batch of quality beans today. Start by reviewing our coffee importers menu for green coffee availability.

We ask that you call and speak with our sales team for pricing so that we can get you the most competitive prices based on your needs. You can then request a sample, or work with our sales team to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Simply reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the whole process. Our team is meticulous about providing you second-to-none customer service to help you find the right single origin coffee beans or blends for your customers.

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